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Seems to me that our loveable landlords along Myddlleton Road are cranking up their activities again. Anybody who has been in the beer garden at The Step this weekend will have seen a huge "outbuilding" being erected a couple of doors down.  Completely new shop front has been put in at the old take-away near the junction of Marlborough Road and the Domipol supermarket that is totally at odds with the areas status as a conversation area.

My complaints to our ever so brilliant council have fallen on deaf ears and just wondered what other people think about it? Those of us who have lived in the area for some time will be well aware of the damage these illegal breaches of planning have caused to the area and may well share my concern.



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What are the implications of selling HMOs that have not been granted planning permission? This is up for sale on Woodside Road: 

I am staggered that it is seemingly OK to market a property with text including "The building achieves a rental return of £2, 950.00 P.C.M and £35, 400.00 Per annum giving a rental return of 7%. The building does not have planning permission."

But it does have an HMO licence!!! Surely no planning permission = no HMO licence?

A lack of joined-up thinking somewhere!

Just thought everyone should know that the owners of 97 Myddleton Road have submitted an appeal against the enforcement notice.  Appeal reference is APP/Y5420C/13/2209872 and 2209869.  If you have already objected to the Council, they will forward objections to the Planning Inspectorate.  Alternatively, we have 4 weeks from the start date to send objections (start date was 27 January).  Contact The Planning Inspectorate, 3/01 Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

Thanks Thuranie.

We would really encourage everyone who has objected and everyone who would like to object further to please please contact the Planning Inspectorate as soon as possible. They need to understand the force of feeling and passion to stop this sort of development in our area.

If the Inspectorate passes this appeal it will be a victory for every unscrupulous landlord on Myddleton Road and will set a precedent where anyone can build whatever they want in their gardens to rake in yet more money through their over-developed properties.

This bungalow has been built without planning permission, connected to the mains water supply etc etc and now rented at £1200pcm! It makes me jump up and down in fury!

Done. The planning report and analysis from Haringey really is a good read: Officers report here:

The officer's report seems very thorough. Here are a few key points from it that could be used in comments:


1.       The council officer’s report and local residents have noted that the previous structure was completely demolished. It is therefore clear that the description of the application as being for a refurbishment and upgrading is incorrect. Residents who live locally have clearly stated that the previous structure was a garden shed which appeared to be unused.


2.       The council officer’s report notes that there is no evidence of sound proofing and that the electrical wiring is domestic. This suggests that no part of the building would be suitable for use as a recording studio.


3.       The councils adopted Unitary Development Plan (Saved Policies 2013) Policy HSG11 lists Myddleton Road as an area  ‘now experiencing problems of extreme parking pressure and a significant adverse effect on residential amenity’ and states that planning permission will not be granted for further conversions in this area. Although this application is not for a conversion, it is logical to apply the same policy since any increase in dwellings on this road will have the same detrimental effect. Myddleton Road is already overcrowded with cramped accommodation, and rubbish is regularly left on the street from the many households who live there. This over-crowding is causing significant harm to the prospects of this street regenerating for the benefit of the local community. I believe that it is putting off potential businesses who might otherwise locate in this area.


4.       The property has been seen advertised for rent on Zoopla as a 2 bedroom property. The council officer’s report notes that the property does not meet the ‘Minimum Space Standards’ of the London Plan for a 2 bedroom property (London Plan table 3.3). Since there is no evidence of a recording studio it seems clear that the landlord’s intention is to let the property as a 2 bedroom flat. If the appeal were to be allowed then Myddleton Road would have yet another cramped and therefore poor quality dwelling of which there are already many.


5.       The structure is in close proximity to boundary fences, so has restricted daylight and poor outlook. The structure dominates the rear garden of number 97 and has a negative impact on the view from other neighbouring properties. It is contrary to London Plan policies 7.4 and 7.6 which seek to promote good design compatible with local character.


In addition, Haringey Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) 3C states:


7.3.    The Council will normally refuse planning permission on undeveloped open
green backland space in conservation areas because of the positive
contribution such spaces make to the character and appearance of
conservation areas.

There are new planning applications in for 90 Myddleton Road, the chip shop that's had the knotweed removed and floor sorted out. To me, it looks like good news. The cover letter says after refitting: "The shop will become a desirable unit that will hopefully be let out quickly."



The We Love Myddlteton Road group is getting off the ground to look at issues exactly like planning control and to create a plan to give the road a sustainable future.


For more information or to get involved check out our recent Bowes & Bounds post here.




Hi all

Just a reminder for anyone who wants to comment on the planning appeal for number 97 that the due date for interested party comments is Monday 10th March. Would be great to get as much opposition to this as possible. I just did it and it only takes 5 minutes. If you've never done anything like this before neither had I until today but I believe very strongly in us all as the local community of Bowes Park (and surrounding areas) standing up for the interests of Myddleton Road - the hub of our community


Quickest way is to follow these links direct to the pages where you can comment on the appeal.


If you look back a page in this forum Daniel has posted some useful guidance notes that you can use. Or if you want to look in more depth you can look at the comments made on the Haringey planning website here, in particular the planning officers comments - officers report.pdf:


If you don't know about 97 you will find plenty of detail about it there.





Just a quickie.

The application to turn no 51 into 5 units (which it is at present!) was refused in January.  Good.

The officers report, and the summary of all the comments is worth reading.

Let us hope they also refuse the application for 3 flats, and encourage the applicant to apply for 2 flats if they wish which, in my view, would be acceptable.



Thanks Caroline – I’ve read it and it’s great to see the level of detail in there. Will also really help for objecting to future planning applications

All – I’m not sure if you’ve see this link:

Good to see Haringey taking strong enforcement action here. I look forward to seeing the same commitment to Myddleton Road – particularly as I would argue that some of the landlord actions here have a much stronger effect on the local community given that this road is the hub of Bowes Park

This link is also interesting, showing the number of prosecutions had been reducing – its dated 2012, not sure what latest would be:




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