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Seems to me that our loveable landlords along Myddlleton Road are cranking up their activities again. Anybody who has been in the beer garden at The Step this weekend will have seen a huge "outbuilding" being erected a couple of doors down.  Completely new shop front has been put in at the old take-away near the junction of Marlborough Road and the Domipol supermarket that is totally at odds with the areas status as a conversation area.

My complaints to our ever so brilliant council have fallen on deaf ears and just wondered what other people think about it? Those of us who have lived in the area for some time will be well aware of the damage these illegal breaches of planning have caused to the area and may well share my concern.



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Today. March 28th, I have received three emails with Good News for Myddleton Road.

The planning application for 100 - to make more small flats on the ground floor - has been refused.  HGY/2013/2293

The application for no 51 to make the house into three flats has also been refused.   HGY/2013/1935

And the application for 122 to make extra flats and a rear extension has also been refused.  HGY/2013/1916

All very good news.  Officer reports are worth a read.

Now let us hope that the applicants wont Appeal, and that if they do, the Inspector backs the Council's decisions.  We must keep watch on this.

I look forward to see no 51 being a decent house, or 2 flats, and to the ground floor of no 100 not having people living behind metal shutters with no light.


The results of the Planning Inspectorate's decision on 97 Myddleton Road has been published - read the full story here

Re: 100 Myddleton Road

this is the landlord behind the development

There should be huge and immediate protest by everyone.  The only way to stop this is by them knowing the majority won't stand for it.  That's how democracy works.  You have my support! 

Hi all.i live in Thorold road, my garden backs on to George door (where last year an illegal 'beds in sheds' was pulled down) a 'new' building is being erected !!!!! Has anyone else noticed it ??? Have they got planning permission??????
Will do x

Hi Marie

We've just noticed it too and our hearts sank but it is all above board. It is a temporary shed for the builders who are just about to start work on George Moores, to be used as a canteen and office space.


Best wishes


Totally amazing!

But.... in the last year or so we have had so many changes and developments on the street that have had no planning permissions.  Some look OK'ish, but that is NOT the point.  Changes in the Conservation Area should have planning  permission.  Sauce for geese and ganders.  But the central gov't cuts to local gov't funding means that there are less resources at council  level to deal with all this.  I guess it is happening all over Haringey and beyond, but for us it is very obvious in Myddleton Road.  I bet Souris will build the biggest shed that he is allowed by existing regulations - not an inch less.  Then people will have to watch what it is used for.

Thanks for your update, Mat.

Phew indeed!

Good luck to Nick and all who work on no 99.


Hi all X yes all above board! Confirmed ! I was too hasty !


Is it being lived in?



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