If any of you use Alexandra Palace station, you will know that there is a bridge that crosses from Station Rd to Alexandra Park Rd. It also leads down to to the station platforms. Thameslink Great Northern have now locked this off so entrance to the station is only via the pay gates in the ticket office.

Earlier in the summer many of us helped create and maintain a station garden but now we can't get down to tend to our planters without paying. I contacted Thameslink asking them to unlock this community asset but they said it was not possible now that they have installed the pay gate system. Feels like shareholders profits win over the community yet again. We have had that bridge for decades.

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I think that's a real shame, Giles:  I've noticed your lovely planters and they've really brightened up the station.  Do you want any help i.e. letters of support to the train company?   I will happily write one!

Thanks Joanna. It looks like it is legally not a public right of way so Haringey Council can't help. I've asked our MP to apply some pressure too.

I think persuading Thameslink Great Northern that they are not working in the interests of our community is the best option. Their contact details are here


You need to contact the correct person in GTR (see story below)

First two stations adopted by community groups on Great Northern ra...

Date: 24 Mar 2016

Great Northern is pleased to announce the adoption of its first two stations by local community groups who will plant up and maintain flowers at Hitchin and Enfield Chase.

Hitchin has been taken on by the Hitchin Rotary Club, who will work with Great Northern to introduce new flowers and colour to the station.

At the same time, Enfield Chase has been adopted by The Enfield Society, who will continue to maintain the impressive flower displays at the station.

Peter Hull, of Hitchin Rotary Club, said:

"The Rotary Club of Hitchin Priory is delighted to enter into a station partnership agreement with Hitchin Railway Station to provide hanging baskets at the entrance to the station and planters and hanging baskets at appropriate points on the two platforms. This will give colour and pleasure to passengers and all concerned. The baskets and planters will be put in place in late May, 2016."

Dave Cockle, of The Enfield Society said:

"It can be fun volunteering to help to make our stations greener with some planting. It shows the station is cared for and is often the first impression a visitor gets of an area. The results make a real difference in being appreciated by many people."

Great Northern's Community Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Andy Harrowell, said:

"We are committed to putting our stations at the heart of the communities which they serve. Station partnerships are a true reflection of this commitment as we work together with local groups to enhance a station in a way tailored to the local area. We welcome the adoption of Hitchin and Enfield Chase and look forward to working together with these groups over the years to come."

Great Northern is part of Govia Thameslink Railway which is keen to expand the successful station adoption scheme that has operated for some years already on one of its other routes, Southern. Crofton Park, on the Catford Loop of the south Thameslink route has recently been adopted elsewhere onthe network and more schemes are in the pipeline.

For more detail about station partnerships email andrew.harrowell@gtrailway.com

Thanks for the contact details, Donald.   I have just received this very speedy response from Andrew Harrowell, so it looks as if it's been sorted....

Hi Joanna

Thank you for the email and I'm glad to hear you have enjoyed the plants at the station.

I have seen the website this afternoon and contacted those who sent the link to me to let them know I have spoken with the Station Manager for Alexandra Palace about this. He explained we have been trialing the new gateline which was installed in March ahead of full operation next Friday. I have confirmed with Duncan the station partnership will still have access to the plants and gardening areas, even when the gates are up and running.

Many thanks


Great news! I will try to find out what times the station is staffed, as since we lost the ticket office I haven't actually seen a member of staff there, but maybe I'm going at the wrong times. Thanks for the update

See the copied e-mail below
The gateline at Alexandra Palace is intended to be manned from first train to last train
The Station Manager is Duncan Primrose whose email is: 

Duncan. Primrose@GTRailway.com

May I suggest any maintenance work needs to be preplanned

From: Harrowell, Andrew <Andrew.Harrowell@gtrailway.com>
Sent: 21 September 2016 13:44
To: Linda Miller; 'Donald Smith'; 'dave cockle'
Cc: 'philip ridley'; 'Tony Wallis Enfield'; JH&Jwilliams; Duncan Primrose; Katherine Cox
Subject: Re: GTR adopt a Station: Alexandra Palace

Hi Donald and Linda

Thank you for including me in the emails.

I have spoken with the Station Manager for Alexandra Palace, Duncan Primrose (copied in). We have been trialing the new gateline which was installed in March ahead of full operation next Friday. As confirmed with Duncan the station partnership will still have access to the plants and gardening areas, even when the gates are up and running.

If there is any issue please let Duncan know.

Many thanks


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