A group of us living in Russell Road and Granville Road N13 (Enfield end of Bowes Park) are in the process of trying to get permission for a CPZ in these roads - the only ones which are not so far part of a CPZ. Noone particularly wants to pay for parking but we have a terrible parking problem here, for a number of reasons - many work vans are parked here, people park for the station and car owners from Haringey avoid paying in their end of Whittington and surrounding roads which already have a CPZ by parking in our roads. 

We have conducted an initial petition and have enough signatures to take this to the next stage. I'm posting about this to raise awareness among those of you who live in these streets and may get something through the door soon. Please support this. It won't be expensive - between £20 and 50 a year depending on the size of your engine and it will drive out the non residents and those who leave vans sitting for weeks at a time and make it impossible to park in your road. 

I previously lived in Hornsey and didn't support a CPZ in my road which happened anyway as there was enough support from others- I hadn't believed it would make a difference but I couldn't have been more wrong - overnight half the cars in the road disappeared. 

Also, if anyone else has succeeded in getting a CPZ in their area, any advice would be welcome. 

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