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Bowes Park Community Association: the future and an urgent request

Times have changed in Bowes Park.  It is a wonderful community with vibrant groups like the Community Choir, the walking group and We Love Myddleton Road.

Community resources such as the gym and the two gardens have been set up.   These are in need of volunteers to attend regular gardening sessions and help with opening and closing the gates.  You do not have to be on the committee to offer to help with these activities. 


But, and it is a big 'But,' the BPCA committee itself has to have people who can take responsibility for ensuring that these resources are maintained,  and also to do specific tasks such as producing and delivering a newsletter twice a year, or organising fundraisers or social events.  Several people are standing down from the committee which will leave a few overstretched individuals if new people do not come forward.


So this is an appeal for new people to come forward prior to the AGM - not just from the membership.   Please share this with anyone who you think might help.   We need to be clear that without new blood,  the committee will only be able to maintain the following key functions:


1.      Fulfilling our legal obligations by providing an umbrella organisation for our various groups, which includes providing insurance cover for those activities which require it.

2.      Managing our funds so that individuals and groups can make applications for funding for consideration by the Trustees.

3.      Supporting the maintenance of the Gym, Myddleton Road Community Garden and Finsbury Gardens. 

BUT….it should be noted that all the projects under point 3 will be in danger of closing within the next 2 years unless more people come forward to help manage them.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th November, to which you are invited (details of time and place to follow).  Prior to that, however, we’re asking for help – the format of the meeting is dependent on your responses to our request.  We need at least 2-3 names so we can formally ‘approve’ you at the AGM.


Please contact Joanna (Chair), who will be happy to explain what could be required.    Do also visit to see more about the BPCA.



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Will share it on a new local Facebook group I opened, Bounds Green What's On.

Thanks very much for doing this, Gabriela.... I'll go and look at that site!   

Happy to organise a fundraiser! I'm sure we can get the Bounds Green Business Association on board and offer taster classes in dance, music, art, fitness etc on a donation basis?

Then all donations can go to the BPCA as long as we can get a free venue (Bowles and Tennis club perhaps)? Feel free to call me on 07984 136 961 if I can help, thanks Sureka (Salsa With Sureka) x

Dear Sureka.... I know you are a whizz at generating publicity and promoting business, good on you!

But for us as a community association, it isn't so much about fundraising (we're good at that!), it's more about having people who have the time and energy to commit to doing things such as setting up events, long-term gardening (in both the Community Garden and Finsbury Gardens), and being around to do boring but very necessary maintenance things like locking up the gym daily!    So it's volunteers we're desperately in need of.   I'll certainly ring to pick your brains for ideas on how we might do that, thanks for the suggestion!

Ah I see! Maybe some kind of reward scheme would help? For example I give two students free classes in return for Social media work - that means I attract volunteers rather than having to source them as they gain something more than just good karma ;) A fundraiser would help to generate money for rewards. As well as classes, we could also have a cake stall, band and face painting etc. and the publicity for local businesses would give them an incentive to donate rewards for your volunteers in addition to the cash you make. Give me a call if you want to sound out any ideas. xx



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