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Is anyone interested in forming a cat club in Bowes Park and Bounds Green? It would be a group of cat owners / lovers who are interested in making contact with other owners. My friend and I are interested in trying to establish a cat sitting circle and trying to get organisations such as Cat's Protection, PDSA, RSPCA in to give talks about cat care, trying to organise cheap vaccinations and anything else which can reduce the vet's bill! Please let me know if you are interested.

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p.s. I'm still trying to work through my backlog of window cleaning jobs caused by a cartlidge tendon tear in my arm.

Hi Derek 

Depending on where you are I could do it, if perhaps you could do it in return in September?

Hi message to Derek Keay

Hi if you are near to me in Bounds Green I could feed your cats whilst you are away.  However I have limited walking, but I do know someone who would do it at a small fee.

Are you a window cleaner, in which case, I am in need of one!

I've set up an email address so that I can form a contact list of people. I suggest that we hold a social where we can all meet up, maybe mid-week somewhere like The Step or Mum's Lounge (or if everyone is in Bounds then maybe something like the Ranelagh). If anyone is still looking for a cat sitter I can send you my cat sitter's details.

Please email with your contact name, email address and whether you are in Bowes or Bounds (and if you want cat sitter's details) to:

Hi I am ap.davidsonhrsw@gmail,com
Hi, I have just come to this discussion after being away. My neighbour has very kindly been feeding my cat but mutual cat sitting would obviously be ideal.
I'd love to hear from anyone willing to cat sit, either paid, or preferably a reciprocal arrangement. I'm in Bowes Park - Thorold Road.
Would also be interested in joining the group.

The Cat Club Group now has an allocated space on this website: Follow this link and  click on the request to join button.

Hi I'd like to join, have sent request.

I think a cat sitting/cat feeding exchnage circle is a great idea, and I'd love to part of one, and willing to help set one up. Rather than paying for a cat sitter, we exchange cat feeding duties with other local cat owners.

I'd like to join please. I'd be especially interested in being part of a cat-sitting circle. In the past, my lovely neighbours have fed my cats for me when I've been away. But they don't have cats themselves so I can't return the favour and I don't want to abuse their kindness. I live in Queens Road.



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