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Dear All,

I have decided to reignite the debate on introducing a CPZ on the Enfield side of Bounds Green. As I am sure many of you are aware Enfield Council consulted on the idea around 5 years ago now and since then its my belief that things have got worse.

I live on York Road and on speaking to my immediate neighbors saw that there was an agreement that it would be good if something could be done. I leafleted the majority of York Road on Friday to canvas opinion asking for people to sign there name at the following link and have been quite pleased with the response so far.

I conducted a unscientific survey last week along York Road which showed that on Saturday and Sunday at around 1pm, there were 16 and 18 spaces respectively that were available, however at the same time on Monday there were only 2.

It is quite clear that the bulk of the availability of spaces is concentrated during weekdays and the problem is being caused by commuters who use our roads as a car park. As Haringey have a CPZ covering their side it has further pushed more vehicles down into Enfield.


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I think that there is some confusion over this - the petitions have already been done and submitted to the Council for both Marlborough Road and Kelvin Avenue so there is nothing more to be done on this front now.   More than the required 50% of residents signed both petitions so we are now working with Enfield Councillors to try and get them to assess the area as a whole and not on a road-by-road basis.


I'm so sorry, my error - I meant Melbourne Avenue, not Marlborough Road.  The two petitions that we know have gone in are Melbourne Avenue and Kelvin Avenue.  I'm not sure about Marlborough Road so if you want to start one there then that would also be good - the more roads asking for CPZ the better. 

Apologies for the confusion! Ellie 

Oh, well I was never asked to sign on Marlborough!

Russell Road CPZ Consultation Results have been published -

That link doesn't seem to work?

Weirdly it works on my phone but not my computer!

Thanks Kameron, good to know.  How long after the petition was submitted did they produce this report?  And do you know what their next steps are going to be?


Around 3 weeks I think.

I believe it now moves to Stage 2 - where the location and hours are decided, etc. Depending on how another vote of the residents turns out


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