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The new CPZ that is being put into the Nightingale/Truro/Clarence Road area has apparently been resheduled.  There are signs on the lamposts saying it will start on 23rd January but it has been put back till  6th February 2016 .  I don't think any residents have been informed but if you are buying Parking permits don't start them until 6th Feb.  Several people had tried to buy permits online but it is not working effectively.   You can take the documents down to Wood Green Library and get it processed there  -  this is not mentioned on the website.

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Thank you, Kate. I *almost* bought a permit for another zone...that would have been fun....

Thanks for raising this Kate. We have raised these issues with officers and make sure that residents aren't disadvantaged.

Just to update. Firstly this new CPZ isn't part of an existing CPZ as is suggested in the title of the thread, and is therefore distinct from the existing Bounds Green CPZ. This new CPZ is Bounds Green East CPZ.

The delay in implementation is down to the weather and to the Christmas break.


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