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Nice to see a Christmas Tree up on the Green. Don't know who put it there but whoever did add it thanks for the effort. Maybe we should get together to put one up every year, with lights?

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Sorry - picture did not seem to load on original e-mail. Hope is shows now.

This tree has been there for a few years now. Each year local people have put spare decorations on to it! This year it actually looks a bit sad! Maybe more locals have some spare decks to put in it!

This tree is in fact a Giant Sequoia otherwise known as a Giant Redwood tree. So it will grow to be a very large Christmas tree in many years to come. It was planted by Haringey council along with the other young trees you see on the green.

a Giant Redwood ?! this is indigenous to North California and can grow greater that 200ft

Will have to wait hundreds of years before it gets anywhere near those heights. interesting to note from an associated link to yours you send Bal that the tallest redwood in the UK was introduced in the 1850's and was regularly used as a Christmas tree in it's formative years on the estate

Phenomenal trees - I lived in California for a couple of years way back and was lucky enough to experience these large trees - they are beautiful 

and yes it will take many years before we see the true height - we won't physically be here (well I won't) perhaps in spirit though.

Anyways, here we are in 2016 now ! so years to come who knows.

May this tree bring happiness and joy and a smile or two with a twit-a-hoo (assuming an owl chooses to live in it) ;-)

There you - the tree is now cast in a role to play in history 



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