Are There Any Good Kebab Restaurant/ Take Aways Around Here???

When we moved to the area we were hoping we'd find a good/ great kebab restaurant within easy reach of Bounds Green! Sadly we've had no luck so far! Last night, we once again ended up at our favourite in Finchley, but only after an exhaustive drive (traffic was horrendous yesterday) to what we have been informed as the best in the area, in Palmers Green! But as the queue was out the door and they looked like they were running out of food, we decided to move on!
So any other suggestions (hidden finds) will be greatly welcomed! 10 mins drive is the furthest we'd like to go!

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Paneri on Green Lanes close to the Post Office.  It's superb.  And the one on the corner towards the north circular, maybe on corner of Princes? does an amazing and very cheap falafel.

Well Susie I have to say I was in there for a take away in mid December.I had a Lamb Doner and I found it terrible.Far too fatty being my main gripe.Furthermore,they served other people who came in after me first and when I challenged the guy over this he started trying to say they were in before me.I now boycott the place and when I want a kebab in late night Bounds Green I go to the Station Kebab house opposite the tube on corner of Bounds Green Road under Scorpio cabs for fair,if unspectacular kebabs.

We would recommend Charcoal Grill in Wood Green - not too far to drive. Great value for money and really tasty food. 

Charcoal Grill is fantastic, great salads and other side dishes too, the best we've had in the area. We've had decent kebabs from Firat - liked it better than Vrisaki. Take away greek food from Mum's is always good too, although it's not the standard doner in pita thingy.

its on the high road Susie - it used to be Mr Bagels and next to the Library. You can't miss it - its a big place


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