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I would like to change dentists - does anyone have a suggestion for a good NHS dentist in the Bounds Green area?

Thanks - Kathleen

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My Dental Care 141 Myddleton Rd. I no longer live around there but I still travel to Bowes Park twice a year for a check-up. They are great!

Oooh thanks - that's a great recommendation!   I will walk along to see them on Monday. 

Cheers, Jessica

I second this recommendation! I've been twice since I moved here. Very efficient, professional and friendly. 

thanks so much - I am desperate.  I have been with my dentist for ten years, but he died a couple of years ago and since then I have lost all confidence in the person the practice passed me on to.  Everything that's done in my mouth has been a complete disaster.   Thank you so much to both of you for suggesting an alternative. 

I would highly reccomend Brightside dental sugery on Maidstone rd (nr the tube station) they have both private and NHS as an optin for treatment.


Ihave had some long term tratment with them and they have been fantastic.


Karen, thanks so much!   They look very good and professional.   I sent an e-mail yesterday to the first choice I was sent, so if I don't hear back from them today I will get in touch with these.  I am also recommending both these dentists to my friend who is in the same situation as me - we both had the same dentist who was great, but when he died the service went downhill...

Thank you so much for this.


well if its any consolation, I went to a consultant with a long term dental problem that i was experienceing and basically he said if all dentists were as good as mine he would be out of a job!! so that is good to know! :-)

Ketan Shah is my dentist, he owns Brightside but they are all very good including the hygenist Esther! good luck!


Hi Karen - I am off to your dentist right now as they could fit me in straight away!  Thanks... :)

I just got back and I have to say I am impressed.  I was very nervous, but the receptionist was lovely and welcoming and  the dentist explained everything to me in words I could understand! :)  I can't tell you what a relief it is to have found someone else and very near to home too.  I start the treatment in March and in the meantime I have a prescription for infection. 

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions. Much appreciated.


Thats great news! Going to any dentist is not the most pleasant experience at the best of times. I know how worried I was in finding a decent one when I moved to the area.

Glad you are all sorted.


Don't you find Brightside expensive? They charged me £350 for tooth whitening and when it didn't work, wanted £80 for some more gel. Their treatment plan, which I didn't proceed with, cost nearly double that quoted me by a dentist in Harley Street, who examined my teeth eighteen months later and, by that, I mean £2,000 more. This was for fillings, crowns and inlays as I haven't had any dental treatment for years. Unless you don't mind having gold crowns etc. and not having much time spent on you, you have to go private, which I believe is the same with all dentists.


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