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Is anyone else (especially women) having problems with anti-social and threatening behaviour in the area? About a month ago, when I was walking home from the tube station one night, I was followed by a man who kept approaching me - in the end I had to shout at him to leave me alone. Then tonight I was sworn at by a young man near Bowes Park rail station. He was with two other men, one of them tried to beg off me and when I shook my head and murmered no, his charming friend swore at me aggressively. I've just reported it to the police on their non-emergency number (101). They said they'd let police who are out in the area know, so they can check these men out. 

It's such a shame - I've lived in this area for years and never had any problems but it doesn't feel so safe now. If this kind of thing happens to any of you (and I really hope it doesn't - it's quite intimidating, especially if you're a woman walking on your own) please do report it to the police on 101. 

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Sorry you had to experience that, Charlotte. Thank you very much for letting us know though. If I experience anything similar I will definitely report it straight away now.

thanks Sophia appreciate that.



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