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Does anyone know anything about a very aggressive young man seen loitering outside bounds green station and tescos. Spotted several times. Is verbally abusive and threatening when you refuse to give money or ignore. He is white, quite tall prob mid twenties, shabbily dressed with hoodie and track suit bottom in grey mostly. 

Looks v rough and menacing. Anyone else out there been (or being harassed)? Trying to find out what sort of threat we are dealing with in the neighbourhood.


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Yes. He is constantly harassing people and becoming abusive but not, in my experience dangerous, just a nuisance. We need to engage with the safer neighbourhoods team and also inform the local councillors. I will contact Joanna - one of our councillors.

I saw him running down Myddleton Road with one sock and one shoe on just before Xmas.

Last night he was hanging about in the dark outside New Salamis with a bottle of beer in his hand and harassed me for money on my way back to Marlborough Road from posting a letter on Palmerston Road. 

I've seem him over the years either begging, or slumped, outside Morrisons in Wood Green, and once I saw him go into the Halifax Bank in Palmers Green to ask for money.

If he bothers me again I will contact the police, as I will not put up with being intimidated in my own neighbourhood at night. 

There's someone worse in the Bowes area. We suffered two attempted carjackings/breakins in our road at lunchtime on Christmas Day. A neighbour and my husband suffered minor stab wounds and we are all bruised and shaken. The man was white, slender medium height, sounded English, late 30s-early 40s, short dark thinning hair, dark hoodie and jeans, blue shoes and claimed to be an undercover cop with fake ID. He was using a crutch but I grabbed it off him when he attacked us so the police have it now. If anyone hears of similar incidents please contact the police as this was terrifying and could have been so much worse.

That is awful Thuranie, so dreadful for you. I will keep an eye and ear out and of course contact the police should I see or hear of anything. This is just dreadful.

Hello Christian,

The police are trained to deal with people with mental health issues and are often the first point of contact for such folk these days. Unfortunately they are having to play this dual role, as mental health services, particularly in Haringey, are severely stretched.

Also, we have to be careful what we normalise. I'm a 59 year old woman with mobility issues and I was approached at night. Are you a young, fit male who could take him on? I'm going to put my personal safety first, I'm afraid.

I'm sorry to hear about your incident, Thuranie. That was very nasty.

I have been approached by  two  males. Most recently outside the tube station where he was circling the pavement appeared agitated and asked me for money. He was wearing a hoodie grey/blue coat/jacket. The second occasion it was  a fair haired male at the bus stop opposite the tube whose trousers were halfway down his backside. He was very intimidating and persistent demanding money.  He only moved away/left when a male arrived at the bus stop.  

Cathy and Vicky and others are right.

The tall young man who has got recently more verbally aggressive has been around for many years.  But I have never heard him threaten anyone -  just rebuke them for not giving him anything.

He used to be in Wood Green, mainly outside Morrisons, but I think the police moved him on..

Earlier this year was a lot in Palmers Green, and around the tube station here at Bounds Green and in Myddleton.

His trousers are always very low on his backside.

I am sure the police must know him.

Really sorry to hear about the break ins and stab-wounds.  Hope you feel better.

The following information appears in the Enfield Advertiser 

For more information about the problems with individuals in Palmers Green Town Centre contact the Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team, LINK

I know exactly who you mean, he was always out the back of Morrisons and a few occasions I have seen him at the Tescos in bounds green and by a bus stop outside Halifax in Wood Green. On one occasion he was walking past the Prince pub and lobbed a can of drink onto the floor as he walked menacingly, I was about to shout out to him and then realised who he was..  I suspect he is a herion/crack addict from the marks on his face. We have actually moved down towards westbury ave/turnpike lane son although we don't see him now, the area has its own shady characters by the station.. ! 

Thuranie, I am so sorry to hear happened on Christmas day; that is truly frightening.  

Thank you all for your responses. I believe that he is now on remand after a spate of complaints and police involvement over the Christmas period (it seems most people that I know in the area had an incident with him). Sadly he seems to be targeting mothers and young children and there is a lot of racist content too. Whilst I do note that he needs help (yes, we believe him to be a crack user), his threatening behaviour is utterly reprehensible and I am very happy to hear he is on remand. If there are any sightings, do please alert if possible? 

Thank you again.



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