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My sister and I live in Woodside Road (just the other side of Green Lanes away from Bowes Park) and have two chairs to give away.  They are perfectly sound but we've inherited far too many chairs to know where to really put them sensibly.

Neither of us drive, so they are available to anybody who'd be happy to come over and collect them. 

They are very light if you don't drive, so would probably be ok to carry away...

Please message me privately if you are interested,


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Hi Ashleena

Just added you as a connection - we'd very much like them please!

Mat & Nell @ The Step

Oh...difficult.  I do love to support a local business and would like to take this opportunity to say that having the Step around has changed our neighbourhood for the better.

But, somebody else has gotten in there first.  I've let them know you guys would also like them, so if they don't any longer want them...they are yours...I'll keep you posted.


Oh no, not difficult at all Ashleena, fair play to people who got in first! Nell's elbowed her way to the front of many a queue so we know how it goes. Thank you so much for the kind words, means more to us than even the most handsome of chairs.

Looks like my sister and I are not the only ones to appreciate the Step...the chairs are yours (thank you Melanie).

We can probably bring them over one day.  We'll both be there at some point this week I'm sure!  Or, let us know if you'd like to come by at some point.  Paloma will be around tomorrow.


Seriously? That would be amazingly kind but if we were putting any noses out of joint we could offer cake and fizz all round with the promise of beautiful Bowes Park derrieres sitting on the seat for many years to come! And we could collect anytime that suited you, we are around plenty in the daytimes and early evenings.



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